About the Faculty


The Faculty has existed since 1 September 1950, when it was given the name: Food Chemistry Department. The first Dean of the Faculty was Prof. Stanisław Zagrodzki. In 2003 the Faculty gained a new, expanded name: Biotechnology and Food Science.

The Faculty consist of:

  • Institute of Molecular and Industry Biotechnology (established in 1970)
  • Institute of Natural Products and Cosmetics (established in 1970)
  • Institute of Fermentation technology and Microbiology (established in 1970)
  • Institute of Food Technology and Analysis (established in 1970)
  • Department of Environmental Biotechnology (established in 2019)
  • Department of Sugar Industry and Food Safety Management (established in 2022).

At present, the Faculty educates students in the following fields of study:

  • Bioeconomy,
  • Biotechnology
  • Ecotechnologies and Bioprocesses
  • Food technology and Human Nutrition
  • Food and Nutrition Manager
  • Cosmetic Technology
  • Sustainable Bioeconomy
  • Industrial Biotechnology – studies in English conducted in cooperation with the International Faculty of Engineering (IFE).

Positive, unconditional accreditation ratings confirm the high level of education at the Faculty.

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